Facts and Figures

Upper Secondary Education:

86% of Germans between the ages of 25-64 years have an upper secondary qualification.

High School enrolment rate:


Unemployment rate:

Currently 4.2%, and constantly declining since the last few years

Undergraduate Degree/Qualification International Students:


Total International Student enrollments:


Post-Graduate Degree/Qualification International Students:


Germany the first choice of International Students:

International students have been increasing in numbers for the last few years, in institutions of higher learning. This is surely a result of strategies adopted by the German Federal Government known as the Bologna Process, and this increased mobility and international experience by students is proving to be beneficial for the workplace and in research. These reforms are also helping to increase employability.

 As Germany has one of the strongest economies in Europe, there are positive consequences of that on education, employment and social life. Whether it is engineering or medical science, or study programs in art, German universities offer a high academic standard to its students. Universities in Germany are ranked as some of the best in the world, and not only are the degrees recognized and respected by employers, but students aspiring to work independently also have better prospects.

 If you are looking to a start a career in Germany, there are plenty of opportunities in every field that can be pursued. Germany has a reputation of being exceptionally good in the field of engineering, as German cars, machinery and electronic and electrical equipment are among those of the highest quality in the world. New recruits are especially needed in the fields of mechanical, automotive & electrical engineering, and this high demand is due to the fact that anyone looking to pursue an engineering degree can be certain of a bright prospective.  

 The work environment in Germany can be characterized by a strict adherence to the working hours, with an emphasis on concentrated effort and competence. This spirit of the work ethic can be seen in most German institutes and companies, and if you plan to start a career in Germany, these traits will soon be reinforced within you. This attitude towards work affords Germans to work less working hours in total annually, compared with the rest of the European countries, and still be highly productive. The culture values diligence, respect for parenthood and family life, and also direct communication.

These are some of the reasons that Germany has become the choice for study, work and migration for so many International students worldwide.

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