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FHM Bachelors master program

Trial afternoon with sample lectures on August 25 at the college of middle class (FHM) in Köln

09.26.2016  |  No Comments

FHM has organized the trial afternoon on 25 August. Prospective students and parents have the opportunity to look at both the campus more accurately, and to obtain … Continue Reading

Students PSP Classic

Asian Fellows to explore the Steinhurder sea

09.26.2016  |  No Comments

Last Friday, 26.08.2016, explored our Asian fellows together with DaF teacher Tanja Homenko the Steinhuder Sea region. At about 30 degrees, there was a guided tour where … Continue Reading

Media and sport FHM

Sports and Media – interaction in the digital age

09.26.2016  |  No Comments

In the past week allowed the campus Hannover, under a special information evening with the theme “Sport and Media – interaction in the digital age”, welcome Bj√∂rn … Continue Reading

Students Day FHM

Fellows of Campus Hannover guest at Chocolate Land

09.26.2016  |  No Comments

Everybody can buy chocolate but each could not get an opportunity to put it together on its own panel every day. Our fellows of the PSP program … Continue Reading

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