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Visa Application Support:

We provide a full support in completing the visa application.¬† Although each country¬īs embassy/consulate has its own requirements but generally the following documents are required for starting the visa application process at a German embassy/consulate.

List Of Required Documents:

  1. Visa Application Form: Applicant must completely fill the visa application form (Preferably filled out on a computer).
  1. Passport Photos: Applicant may require 4 Passport Photos (with white background) and these should not be older than three months.
  1. Valid Passport: Passport needs to be valid for at least three months. Please Note: Applicant may require all previous passports (if applicable).
  1. Security Questionnaire: Applicant must completely fill the security questionnaire (better would be to fill out by a computer).
  1. Declaration Form: Embassy/Consulate of your home country may require extra declaration form.
  1. Complete List of Children: (if applicable).
  1. Admission Letter: Applicant must submit the proof of Admission/Acceptance Letter or a proof of Entitlement to get admission.
  1. Curriculum Vitae: Applicant needs to have his CV (resume).
  1. Academic Documents: Applicant may need to submit the original academic certificates (High School/Academic Degree & Transcripts etc.) If applicable, applicant may need to submit the employment letter (from Actual & all former employers). All documents should be attested by an accreditation institute, e.g. HEC or Notar.
  1. Proof Of Financial Means: Applicant needs to prove sufficient funds to cover the living costs in Germany. This could be done by opening a Student Blocked Account with a German bank in Germany (by submitting around 8040 Euros in the block account).
  1. Valid Health Insurance: Applicant need to prove a valid health insurance that covers a minimum amount of 30,000 Euros for medical treatment and home repatriation in case of illness or death.
  1. Proof of Language Skills: Applicant may need to prove his/her language skills by submitting the language certificates (IETLS/TOEFL or German Language Certificate). Please Note: if the applicant has no German Language Certificate in his/her home country, he/she may submit the enrolment at an intensive German language course in Germany (applicable to study programmes in German).
  1. Interview Appointment Letter: Applicant may require an appointment to apply for the German Study Visa. Please confirm it from the German Embassy/Consulate of your home country, whether this is applicable in your case!

Disclaimer: The information provided here is to the best of our knowledge, and although we constantly revises and updates it, rules and regulations are subject to change. shall have no liability for the accuracy of this information.

Questions and Contact

For admission in Pre-Studies Program, please contact at For the direct inquiries, you may also call at Tel: 0049 6625 2909955

Student Block Account

To apply a Student Visa for Germany, International students require an adequate proof of financial support to fulfill the embassy¬īs visa requirement. You need to show around 8600 Euros as a proof of your financial support. We will help you in opening a Student Blocked Account in Germany.

Documents Required For Opening a Student block Account:

  1. Valid Admission/Invitation letter from FHM
  2. Application Form (for opening a Student Block Account): If required, application form must be attested from a consulate/embassy before submitting to the German bank. Generally the international students need to open the account at Deutsche Bank. For further details, kindly visit the official website of the Deutsche Bank,
  3. Passport Copy

Support In Finding Health Insurance

With the presence of a variety of government and private health insurance companies in Germany, finding a reasonably priced health insurance can be difficult for candidates. Matters can become even more confounding, given the restrictions and laws related with health insurance contracts. We help you to find an appropriate health Insurance company in Germany, so that you do not have to pay more than what is the appropriate amount for deriving the necessary health benefits.

You can book your travel & Health Insurance here:

Travel Assistance

We provide assistance to all students after they receive their German Study Visa, and help them in making a smooth transition to Germany. The company maintains ties with hundreds of students in Germany, and we can help to connect new students with them for guidance and orientation. Leaving your family and country behind, and coming abroad can be a daunting task sometimes, and we want to make sure that students make the most of this opportunity. It is our sincerest concern that the students make this experience truly rewarding and illuminating.

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